What are we about?

We contain syntaxes, references, descriptions, comparisons, overviews, ... simply all helper materials for software and database developers, programmers, designers and analysts.

Programming languages, frameworks and libraries are our focus.

Generally: programming, or literally:

  • Design & Practices
    • Architectural Patterns
    • Code structure patterns
    • Design Patterns
    • UML
  • .NET & C#
    • .NET Collections
    • .NET Namespaces
    • .NET Overview
    • .NET Threading
    • .NET Utilities
    • .NET Versioning & History
    • C# Advanced Syntax
    • C# Syntax
    • C# comparisons to other languages
    • LINQ
    • WCF
    • Windows Forms
    • WPF
  • Java
    • Java syntax
    • Java - AOP
    • Java - Spring
    • Java - JPA
    • Java - JSF
    • Java - JSP
    • Java - JTA
  • JavaScript
    • JavaScript syntax
    • jQuery
    • jQuery UI
  • Data & Databases
    • JSON
    • SQL
    • Xml
    • XPath
    • XQuery
    • Xsd
    • Xslt
  • Tools
    • Useful keyboard shortcuts - for Eclipse
    • Useful keyboard shortcuts - for Visual Studio
    • Useful keyboard shortcuts - comparison for several development IDEs
    • ... and many more
  • ... and probably more to come later.

What we are?

We are DevSheets ... CheatSheets for developers.

All of us created by professional developers and trainers.

All of us also used by developers and trainers.

Our goal is quite simple. We are made to become the best software development cheatheets out there. And by "the best" we mean:

  • as usable as possible
    Self-explanatory ... that's what we are.

    Everything explained, structured and indexed for easy searchability, so all important dependencies are clearly visible.

    We will just rest on your desk-top and wait until you use us. And you will use us often, we are made for it.
  • as versatile as possible

    We are not an ordinary book that you buy and put into your shelf. Instead, we are collectible sets.

    You can "configure" your content, you can add and/or remove pages as you wish ...

    Simply: Started to learn .NET?
    Just add several of .NET technology pages to your DevSheet "book" as you learn ... and that's it.

    One reference book for all your technologies. One "reference book" that grows with you.

  • as comprehensible as possible
    We are wide in coverage, rich in detail, all in one line of sight ... so you can see it all at once.
    In fact, reaching for highest comprehensibility with a large amount of information in such a tight space is the hardest fight. Every cheatsheet author knows it.
    Here are just some weapons we use in fight for comprehensibility:
    • Pictures, Diagrams, Images, Graphs, Tables, ... one picture == 1000s of words.
    • Color differentiation, background colors, arrow colors, line colors, font colors, ... everything means something.
    • Referencing ... directly by lines and arrows, indirectly by references.
    • Structuring, Placing, Ordering, Grouping and Indexing of information.
    • Explaining ... there should be no unexplained information on our pages.
    • Shortening ... Short, precise and concise information == best information.
  • as good quality as possible
    There are no compromises.

    We aim to have highest possible information density. Each dot on paper should be used, if possible.

    Well, that needs:
    • 9600 DPI printing process
    • highest quality paper
    • highest quality finish
    • + many other attributes, chosen without compromises
    ... once again, we are not just an ordinary book.
  • as complete as possible
    Complete coverage of our topics. Not possible? Correct. But we are damn close to it ...
  • as durable as possible
    • You can pour your coffee over us ... and we will handle.
    • You can use us every day, day by day ... and we will endure.
    • We are printed on thick paper, so we do not bend/crumple easily and we do not show through.
    • We are matt laminated, so we do not "reflect".
    • Our lamination is sealed on borders, so we will not unseal.
    • ...
  • ... just few of our properties to mention.

For whom?

We, DevSheets are definitelly not for everyone, and surely not for each programmer.

It is only you, who can decide, whether we suit your needs ...

Simply, we ARE for you, if:

  • You do not remember how to write THAT syntactic construct.
    Brackets, curly brackets, angle brackets, colons, semicolons ... even the best programmers need to search some syntax nuances sometimes.

    Or rather ... quite often, we would say.
  • You want quick overview of technology and/or some principles.
    Does not matter, from which resource you learn the technology ... whether it is a book, programming course or a school lecture.

    Cheatsheet always comes handy as THE MAP, because it depicts rich detail in one view.

    With cheat-sheet, everything suddenly becomes more clear.
  • You need quick reminder of technology and/or some principles.
    Programmers forget, people forget, everyone forgets (sometimes even our "brainy" machines "forget").

    Today, the GURU is not the one who knows it all, but he who knows how to search it more quickly.

    With good cheatsheet (which DevSheet really is) you will at least quickly recognize, what to search for
    ... but we are sure that for most times you will also find what you search for ... on devsheet.
  • You need to decide which technology to use. Quickly compare advantages, disadvantages and properties of technology parts.
    Search engines and wikipedia offer them all ... but did you try it? Can take hours and even days to collect all required descriptions and tests.

    Sure, DevSheets cannot make the tables of everything, but for what they do, they do it well.

    Just several examples of what is being prepared:
    • Design Patterns comparison
    • UML relationships table
    • jQuery - Total reference
    • WCF Bindings comparisons
    • .NET asynchronous principles
    • C# vs Java syntactic comparison
  • You have colleagues or friends to envy you the must-have guru-art :).
    Not a book, not a page ...
    You really need to see DevSheets in action, it simply draws attention of other developers and makes your desk look so much better.

    Or maybe you search for a birthday present for that programming geek? ... It used to be a real pain to find some nice gift for him ... Not anymore.

And we ARE NOT for you, if:

  • You want deep and complex material to read on long nights
    Generally, cheat-sheets are great additional resource if you already know basics of a technology or you own some thorough book.

    But you should not use cheat-sheets as the only resource to learn something. You can learn from cheatsheets, but "cheatsheet + book" works best.
  • You do not like printed materials
    Cheatsheets/Devsheets ARE PRINTED

    ... in highest quality, durable, prepared for everyday usage, but anyway ... printed. And even when we tried to make them indexed and as easily searchable as we could, you will not use Ctrl+F on them (and you will probably also miss many more e-features that you are accustomed to ...)

    But again, google is available and each tool should be used for the purpose for which it is made
  • You do not want to pay for being more productive
    There are developers that will rather prepare their own helper material or download something free.

    We understand it, because we were the same ... In fact, that is why we started to prepare our own cheatsheets. But honestly, we also did because none of available ones were good enough for us.

    And the final question is: "Do you really want to waste your valuable time digging through tons of crappy material?" We did it for you ... collected the best what can be found ... and even more.

We are prepared with one idea in our minds ... "Google is available already".
Although search engines can answer most of the development questions, there are processes and areas, where google is simply ... not efficient (and not so cool, too).

Just to mention few of them:
  • syntax references
  • rich and quickly accessible comparison tables
  • quick explanation of principles
  • short code snippets
  • configuration examples
  • principle explanations
  • ...


With this introductory promotion, you can even have us
  • with really BIG introductory discount
  • for incredibly great price

So you can have us ... if so, you should use us .... then, you will certainly love us.

We decided to go out with introductory promotion, which gives:

  • To you: Price benefits ...

    You can register to get huge promotion price benefit.

    There will be no such opportunity, when these cheatsheets will be on the market already.

    In fact, we will not pay for big advertisement campaigns as we are just a small company ... and also because expensive campaigns would just make price of DevSheets higher.

    So please notify people that might be interested in this cheatsheet promotion ... they might be grateful ;)

  • To us: Overview of your interest ...

    The main points are:

    • It is very difficult to estimate number of prints in advance.
    • The better estimates we have, the more efficient and cheaper is the preparation/printing process ... and thus, the lower price dev-sheets can have.

    That is the reason for such unbelievable discounts ... we would like the final price to be the best possible price, so more of you can enjoy us.

So far so good, but what is the relase plan and the price?
  • First released cheatsheet sets will be:
    1. Design Patterns & UML diagramming
    2. SQL Server - complete
    3. jQuery - complete
    4. .NET WCF, .NET WPF
    5. ... More .NET, Java, Xml and SQL related cheatsheets will follow.
  • According to our estimates, full final price will be somewhere between 12 and 34 Euros for one cheatsheet set (depending on number of pages, complexity and other properties of the set)
  • We did not determine the exact date of first release yet, but it will be soon
  • Then we plan around 2-3 cheatsheet sets per year. We really cannot promise more, because it takes man-months to create a QUALITY cheat-sheet set.
Get your benefit/discount:
You can only get one benefit/discount per e-mail address.
Which benefit is yours?
For now ... 1 of 2 ordered cheatsheets will be free

... so each second cheatsheet order goes just for shipping (more details in benefit confirmation e-mail).

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Will be only short e-mail, several times a year (around 3-5 times a year).

By pressing, you:
  • confirm your form selection.
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Any Questions?

If there is anything you would like to tell us, you can do it here.
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Who creates us?

Team of people ...
Desired to prepare something usable in this mostly not-so-usable world
  • For most part - software programmers/analysts/designers, whatever you call it.
    .NET, C#, Java, UML, Xml... just few technologies we use regularly in our main jobs. If you are similar, then these DevSheets might be of interest for you.
  • For important part - professional programming trainers with passion for quality.

Why we do what we do?

  • First, development part of our soul tried to find some helper cheatsheets on the web.
    Found many, lot of them free, none of them fulfilled our expectations (Ok, to be honest, there are also some very good pieces to be found, but they are alone in the vast sea of web, not a complete set covering some area).
  • Then, we tried to prepare our own cheat-sheets.
    It is almost unimaginable, how much work it is to create and put together 1 good, helpful cheatsheet page. We started to use cheat-sheets the for our trainings and we saw it is almost neverending story to improve them.
  • Then, we started to like it ... and to think, others will like it too.
    And you can tell us, whether we are right ... or we have mistaken badly :)

We decided to go for the highest possible quality. To reach that goal, we need to spend A LOT OF TIME to prepare DevSheets and to prepare technologies to create them.

Due to "Quality print costs a lot", "We need to eat" and "There is no free lunch" truths, we will not offer these cool DevSheets for free.

However, in promotion, you can have them for much better price, if you let us know that you are interested.

cheatsheet book for developers = DevSheet book Cheatsheets in preparation